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Dentistry for Kids
Fort Worth, TX

A young girl practicing brushing her teeth at HomeTown Dental at Alliance in Fort Worth, TexasTaking care of milk teeth is as important as taking care of permanent teeth. Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic diseases among children. Childrens’ need for a dentist cannot be ignored. The sooner children begin getting regular dental exams, the higher the chances of their mouth staying healthy for years to come. Thorough cleaning of their teeth is vital for a child’s oral health development.

Dentists specialized in diagnosis and treatment of dental issues of children from their infancy to teenage years are often referred to as Pediatric dentists, and we are fortunate to have several pediatric dentists as part of our team. We at HomeTown Dental at Alliance provide you with outstanding, high-end dental care. Our team aims to provide children with the best clinical experience in addition to a positive experience for all.

When Should the Kids Start Visiting a Dentist

Per the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations, every child should start visiting a dentist by the time they have turned one or as soon as the first tooth comes. By the time children reach 6 or ,7 they start losing their baby teeth which then get replaced by permanent teeth. Children up to the age of 12 or 13 years of age can come to visit us regarding their oral health too. It is advised that routine visits at least every 6 months should be followed, but the time varies depending on your child’s personal oral health needs.

Importance of Dentistry for Kids

Oral health conditions for kids should be addressed swiftly since untreated issues can result in long term problems and complications. Without proper dental care, children may face oral decay or problems in their gums or teeth. Removal of plaque or tartar build-up and food debris that is stuck in between teeth is important for kids since they might not be able to do those themselves. Every checkup reduces the chances of getting cavities or tooth decay in the near future. Our team will also teach parents how to take care of their children’s teeth by giving them a demonstration as well, if required.

Types of Treatment

For ensuring overall oral health care, several steps are taken starting from with the infant oral health exams. Preventive dental care, in addition to habit counselling or diet recommendations, is also necessary. An early assessment also helps in ensuring your child’s teeth come in straight. Any tooth cavities or defects are given proper attention, and dental education along with comprehensive, preventive measures are taken by our team to ensure that the likelihood of your child developing them again in the furure is small. Children also have a knack of getting hurt while playing, which occasionally results in dental injuries like fractured or knocked-out teeth. Our team has the best experienced professionals to handle all of these dental problems of children in a friendly manner.

The dedication of our team towards ensuring good oral hygiene for your kids is unparalleled. For more information, and to find out if your child can benefit from us, call HomeTown Dental at Alliance at (682) 312-6878 today.
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We here at HomeTown Dental are committed to helping you and your children prevent the development of common dental problems. Call us today to schedule your appointment!
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